Strategy and objectives

By combining City Systems global expertise with a deep understanding of local specifics, we provide our customers with modern and convenient services. Our long-term objective is very linked with our mission – growth of commercial, public and private property management, development of integrated utility services.

Company mission and vision

Our vision – to be a leader in value creation for residential properties.
Our mission – representation of clients’ interest by increasing the value of their property and improving their living environment.



  • Our customers feel safe because their property is in reliable hands. Faith in what you are doing always encourages you to move forward.


  • We are the market leaders, we work according to the Building Maintenance Standard, therefore we provide only the highest quality services to our clients. The professional knowledge of our employees, their constant updating and competence leads to progress.


  • We are always at the forefront of our proactive actions to ensure that our client property is fully serviced and valued. Proactive employees are our greatest asset.


  • We hear the needs of our customers and fulfill their expectations. We are a team of professionals, so we always strive for common goals while sharing success.


City Systems provides property management, maintenance and integrated municipal services to cities across Europe. As a fast growing company, we help our customers create harmonious living and working environments, by providing services that add value. Our services include building management, engineering solutions, territory maintenance, cleaning, security and real estate services.


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